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1st Atomic Time is an atomic time synchronization utility
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1st Atomic Time is a time synchronization utility. It connects to a few servers that are located in different parts of the world and determines the most accurate time for your time zone using atomic time. Atomic time is the most precise time measurement system these days. 1st Atomic Time allows you to keep your computer's time as accurate as possible.

When you click on Synchronize, you can choose from one of three servers. The application will then display what the ideal time is for you. In my case though, the time was 1-hour off (ahead) - the reason might be that 1st Atomic Time does not really consider daylight saving times or national changes in time. But it does allow you to compensate that by selecting an hour offset. You can tell the app to always add or subtract time from the atomic time. There is an option for adjusting time automatically at regular intervals. Also, you can keep a log of time changes, although it is not very detailed.

For privacy reasons, 1st Atomic Time also allows you to connect to the servers via a proxy. And talking about servers, you can use this app to keep all your network updated with accurate time. The program will run in the background when you close it and you can call it with two different hotkeys, one of which allows background synchronization.

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  • Accurate
  • Three different servers available


  • Does not consider daylight saving time
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